Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Overdue I spose

So, its hard to know where to begin when I have been so bad at posting. Oh well, I don't think I will try too hard to make up for lost time. I'll just hit some highlights.

Summer has been a ton of fun. Normally I don't really relish (good pun huh? relish, hot dogs...you get it) in the summer time. It makes me miss my family even more because thanks to Facebook I get to see the pictures of all of them boating at the lake....without me :-( But thanks to some fabulous friends and a fun family of my own, we have been able to create some fun memories here in Utah even without my extended family and boating.

We have been getting ready for our Montana trip and Max is sooo excited. We got his cousin a birthday present since we missed it, and he is exstatic to give it to her. He has been saying..."mom we have to go to Hannah Montana so we can give Janie her birthday present".. Thanks Disney Channel for helping my child confuse geography with fictional characters.

Here are some pics of our summer so far. Hopefully there will be much more later!

Max is an awesome big brother. He loves helping with Sam, hugging, kissing and loving. And Sam can't get enough of Max either! He thinks he is hilarious. He makes for a good audience for a hyperactive 3 year old.

Max was in line waiting to go on one of those bouncy things at the Provo Freedom Festival. He as always was way excited for an opportunity to bounce. I mean, he has been bouncing ever since he was a little baby and could find some springiness in the fatty flesh of his mommies legs and tummy. Really though, the best part of this picture is the anonymous little girl with her hands on her hips looking up at Matthew. I have no idea who she is, but she is super cute!

This is a pic of Max and I waiting to go on the 'Tornado'. Max wasn't too keen on the idea once he saw how high the thing spins around. But we had a couple of really cute little boys that were trying to reassure Max that it wasn't really that scary, actually it was prett fun. Max didn't cry or freak out or anything like that, but his face was priceless once the ride was in full swing. I think that it was the first time that he has ever felt his stomach do that flittery thing that it does when you are defying gravity. Matthew was next in line to ride with Max, but Max had had enough with just one ride.

We captured this moment while Max was in another bouncy thing. It is always kind of a miracle for me to capture a pic like this one. Taking into account a slowish shudder speed, and a mommy that almost always misses that priceless pic, but I can always remember it because the pic that I got was the face right after the smile..

Max and Becca with the Sparklers. They LOVED them!!!! It's not a 4th of July Party without Sparklers!

We had an awesome 4th! The Provo parade was fun, we had lunch with friends, went to a Tea Party, had a great nap, hit the Freedom Festival for dinner and rides, and then had some fireworks and treats with more good friends!



  1. Those boys are so cute! It sounds like you're having a great summer!!

  2. I had no clue you had a blog! I'm so glad I found you though. I never get to see you anymore. Are you still going to Pump a lot? I've been doing classes in the morning and Zumba on Fridays, but haven't managed to bump into you again

  3. Those boys are so cute! We're going to miss you guys so much when we have to go. :( You should practice updating your blog more often so I don't have to wonder what you're up to and how you're doing. Here's your third comment by the way ;) lol


Boys all dressed up for Church

Boys all dressed up for Church
They really do love eachother so much. Max is always asking to hold Sam.

Sam is really excited to play outside, can't you tell

Blessing Day

Blessing Day
This was a really special day. We blessed Sam in Missoula, Montana at my parents house so that all of our family could be there. It was the last Sunday before Christmas, almost everyone was there, and the lights of the Christmas tree were on. So so so special.