Friday, May 8, 2009

Not Another One!

So, I went in for Sam's follow-up appt for his ears today (he had a double ear infection) to make sure that the antibiotics were doing their job. I was fairly confident that they worked this time. (they didn't work the first go around). But at the same time I wasn't sure cuz he has been rubbing them a bit too. Anyway, the Dr. took a peek in his ears and said that they were really bad! I couldn't believe it. He didn't really know what to do right away. I mean, do you prescribe a 3rd different antibiotic and hope that this time it actually works? Or maybe go to an E.N.T. and get another opinion on the matter? I mean Sam has had this infection since before Easter! While we were there I told him about how its been 2 weeks since he has pooped. I figured that maybe it was a side affect from the antibiotic. He said that they usually make the opposite happen. So he put in an order to the hospital for an Xray of his abdomen to make sure that there is no obstruction, or impacted. They gave Sam a shot in his leg of antibiotic ad then want to check him again on Monday to see if there is an improvement. If not, then he will get another shot and we will prolly be referred to an ENT.

I left nervous and scared. I thought to myself, I gotta find a way to get this taken care of. SO, the first thing that I did when I got home is call a Chiropractor. Some of you may be asking, a chiropractor? Why? Well, I have a sister in Montana that takes her kids to the Chiro when anything goes wrong with them. He seems to always have an adjustment that fixes the problem. Then while I was waiting for the office to call back to tell me if they adjusted kids, I got the supplies out to see if I couldn't help Sam go potty, and not have to take him in for an xray. I didn't have any luck getting him to go, so I just waited for Matthew to get home and then I figured I would go to the store and get his RX, then head to the health food store to see what they recommended. Well the Chiropractor called me back and we set up an appt for tomorrow morning. I am excited to see what he has to say about it all. Although, he said that he has a little boy that needed tubes in his ears, so I know that there are some cases that only tubes will really alleviate.

On my way home Matthew told me that SAM POOPED! So thats good, one thing out of the way anyway. So I have Sam on these ear drops, pro-biotics, and antibiotics. PLEASE SOMETHING MAKE MY BABY FEEL BETTER! He is such a good sport, I can only imagine how amazing he will be once he finally feels 100%

So if you have any suggestions of what I can do to help my little man, please, I welcome them!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making New Friends

So I finally made a new real friend that I didn't meet at church! Instead I met her at one of the only other places I go, the gym. Not that I am some fitness guru, but I just really need to kick a little weight down and let out some stress. I know what you are thinking. What does she have to be stressed about? All that is going on in her life is her potty training boundary searching 3 year old who is prolly sassier than she was when she was a kid, and a 5 month old who is having seemingly chronic ear infections. Not to mention the 60 single guys that she has to help deal with at the complex that she and Matthew manage. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about my life, and for some my responsibilities may seem like a breeze, but to me they = up to a full plate so get off my back and your high horse!

We were waiting for the Zumba instructor to get there and start class, when the manager came in and said that they would have to cancel class cause the teacher got sick last minute and couldn't come. She was near me and one of the only friendly looking faces so I started talking to her. We ended up talking the whole hour of that class and got set up for the class after where whe had our hind ends brutally worked! Anyway, I am super excited because she is into all things natural. I have been interested in learning about home remedies that are tried and proven, as Sam has had a couple of ear infections already as I have previously mentioned, and the antibiotics don't seem to be doing their job. I have tried garlic and olive oil, and also just pure onion juice. He hates it when I put it in his ears, but falls asleep almost immediately afterward. I am so stoked to learn from her about homeopathic stuff!!! Not only that though, she has a 5 year old named Max, a 3 year old daughter and a 6 month old baby. I would say that we have quite a bit in common in that regard anyway. I am excited to make jewelry with her and just hang out and have a new friend. The sad part about it is she says "I hope that you don't mind that I am not Mormon, I have had a hard time making friends because of that". Now I have heard of these kinds of things, but pretty surprised that it really does happen. I am totally disgusted at the notion that people wouldn't be friends with someone because of their religion. I told her "heck no that doesn't matter, are you kidding me?" I am so looking forward to getting to know her better!

Another interesting thing that happened to me today. Well I was laboring out in the yard trying to rip out this ginormous weedy vine thing that has taken control of one of the flower beds, and this guy approaches me and asks if he can help. Now this kind of thing is not abnormal for Provo actually. I don't know how many people have watched me try to carry in groceries and have offered to help. Anyway I said, why not? He told me that it looked like I was kinda struggling with it, and he was just sitting across the street where he happened to be "stranded" in his UHAUL. Well I asked him where he was headed and then came this story. He said that he and his dad and sister were on their way from Portland, OR to Phoenix, AZ because his mom was down there working and was recently diagnosed with 3 count em 3 different kinds of cancer. Now this seems pretty far fetched right? I know. Anyway we kept working on the yard together (keep in mind Matthew was close by the whole time working in another part of the complex this whole time) (I am not an idiot also, and have pretty good radar for predators and I didn't get a bad feeling about this guy, except my truth meter went off a few times) and he kept telling me one amazing story after another. Would you believe that he has a 3 year old in the first grade? No, seriously he told me that she is so smart that when she did pre-school they skipped her through kindergarten and put her strait into first grade. Well, I was kinda getting tired of being lied to so I said "wow, if I didn't know better I would think that was a tall tale!" Funny, it got quieter after that. All lies aside, he did fast great work and now the nasty snail/worm/centipede/old dead dry leaf infested vine weedy thing is gone and the bed is now ready for some pretty flowers. We gave him some gas money and he was on his way. Matthew and I figured that we could have been legitimately helping someone out, or maybe he was scamming us for drug money, but the bottom line is the flower bed is now ready and I didn't have to sweat callouses to get it done. (hahaha I think) I hope the best for this tale teller. At the very least, maybe he will get better at telling stories. I just kinda felt like this was an opportunity to possibly help someone, and so we did.
So that is pretty much the exciting things that have happened to me this week. I am looking forward to more adventures and will post some pictures of the garden and flowers when I get it all done.
Till then,
(from my favorite 80's sitcom Mork and Mindy) (this is how all of my journal entries have ended since I was old enough to write in a journal)

Boys all dressed up for Church

Boys all dressed up for Church
They really do love eachother so much. Max is always asking to hold Sam.

Sam is really excited to play outside, can't you tell

Blessing Day

Blessing Day
This was a really special day. We blessed Sam in Missoula, Montana at my parents house so that all of our family could be there. It was the last Sunday before Christmas, almost everyone was there, and the lights of the Christmas tree were on. So so so special.